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Gilchrist Service Brochures

Please take a moment to read the latest Gilchrist brochures that give an overview of Gilchrist or a more in-depth look at our Counseling & Support, Elder Medical Care and Hospice Care programs. All brochures are available upon request.

Gilchrist Brochures

Gilchrist’s Overview brochure describes the programs and services we offer, including Counseling & Support, Elder Medical Care and Hospice Care.
Gilchrist Program and Services Overview

Gilchrist Overview

Gilchrist Program and Services Overview en espanol

Gilchrist Overview

Counseling & Support

These brochures describe ways we provide Counseling & Support to families. Our Walk With Me and Grief’s Journey booklets offer guidance for families as they face the death of a loved one.
Counseling and Support overview book

Gilchrist Counseling
& Support

Gilchrist Walke With Me bookley

Walk With Me

Elder Medical Care

The Elder Medical Care brochure provides an overview of our services for those who are seriously ill who need care and support and may not be able to get to doctors appointments, but are not at the point of needing hospice.

Elder Medical Care Overview Book

Gilchrist Elder
Medical Care

Hospice Care

The Hospice Care brochure explains hospice care, details the services that are provided, and describes the roles of hospice team members. The Hospice Caregiving Book is a guide for family members as they care for their loved one on hospice and is provided in Gilchrist’s admission packets that patients and families receive.

Hospice Overview Book

Gilchrist Hospice Care

Hospice Caregiving Book

Hospice Caregiver Book

Pediatric Hospice Care

The Gilchrist Kids brochure describes the pediatric hospice program and provides answers to the many questions caregivers may have.

Gilchrist Kids Booklet

Gilchrist Kids

Pediatric Hospice Care