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International Partnership
to Support Tanzania

Through Gilchrist’s International Partnership with Nkoaranga Lutheran Hospital’s Hospice and Palliative Care program in Tanzania, the two organizations share information and wisdom, exploring each other’s medical and cultural practices.


Just as we here in the United States are coping with the challenges of COVID-19, our hospice partners in Tanzania are bracing for widespread starvation, illness, and death due to the virus.

A Message from Dr. Paul Mmbando

Our five colleagues at Nkoaranga Hospital’s Hospice and Palliative Care Program, who treat over 5,000 patients annually, are scared. Imagine being on the front lines fighting COVID-19 with nothing to protect you but a bucket of dirty water.

Support to Our Partner Hospice

The partnership is sponsored by Global Partners in Care, which encourages the creation of such partnerships to help support end-of-life care in developing countries. The Gilchrist/Nkoaranga partnership is one of more than 80 programs linking end-of-life care organizations in 30 U.S. states with programs in 13 countries in Africa.

International Partnership to Support TanzaniaNkoaranga serves about 900 terminally ill patients daily in the rugged, mountainous Arusha region of Tanzania, which continues to be hit hard by the AIDS epidemic. Through our partnership, Gilchrist provides the financial support that allows Nkoaranga to continue to operate and expand to meet the needs of its patients. Nkoaranga staff have visited Baltimore, and Gilchrist staff have visited Tanzania in an effort to better understand how each of us provides care.

Much has been accomplished in our work in Tanzania.  Some successes are:

  • 23 palliative care programs have been founded
  • Over 100 staff members have been trained
  • Over 800 community based volunteers have been trained
  • Over 26,000 patients are now served annually, compared to 500 patients in 2004
  • Thousands of patients who were in severe pain now have access to morphine
  • The national Palliative Care Policy was enacted in 2016

There is much that still needs to be done in Tanzania.  Addressing the issues of poverty, lack of food, lack of access to medication, funding for palliative care programs and new US partners for them, funding for the ELCT program, and academic research are priorities.

Tanzania events allow Gilchrist to support our partner hospice in Tanzania through the generosity of our donors at home with various fundraisers. For more information on upcoming events benefiting Tanzania, please contact Robin Stocksdale at 443.841.6761 or or visit our calendar.

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