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Support Groups, Workshops & Registration

Due to regulations because of  COVID-19, Gilchrist is suspending all in-person grief support groups and workshops until further notice. We are beginning to offer virtual groups and events. 

About Our Support Groups

Gilchrist’s support groups encourage mutual support and understanding by providing an environment where participants can discuss topics related to grief, explore their feelings and learn coping strategies.

While in-person programs are on hold, Gilchrist is offering several monthly and six-week support groups. Our one-time workshops such as Grief’s Journey, Breathing Through Grief and occasional pop-up workshops are on hold until further notice. Additionally, remembrance and special events are being looked at to determine if a “virtual event” is a viable option to ensure that, for those who have lost a loved one, a virtual gathering will be a meaningful way to come together and honor and remember the special people who have touched our lives.

If Your Loss Is Recent

If your loss is recent, please contact one of our grief counselors for guidance and recommendations. Please email: or call our grief coordinator at 443.849.8251.

How to Register for Virtual Support Groups

online grief registration formRegistration is required for all virtual support groups, workshops and events. Most programs are offered at no cost, but the number of participants is limited. We offer many support groups and workshops during the day and evenings to accommodate different schedules.

You can also download a copy of our current grief brochure by clicking on the button below.

For more information, call our grief coordinator, at 443.849-8251. Please note: Your registration is not complete until you receive confirmation from our grief coordinator or have a consultation with a counselor if your loss is recent.

Online Registration Form

Explore feelings of loss, changing status and changing relationships. Participants will gain survival skills and tools for coping with grief while engaging in a safe and respectful group.
For people who have lost a spouse or life partner within the last year. Explore what grief feels like, what to expect over time and grief coping skills. This is a safe space to talk about your experience and gain insight from others.
For people who have lost a young spouse or life partner (age 35 or younger).
Join us as we explore the how the “new normal” affects our ability to grieve. This virtual community will provide a safe space to share feelings and experiences as well as offer helpful exercises to help heal after the loss of a loved one.
An open format to share one’s grief and gain insight on how to best manage the challenges unique to the grieving mom.

New to Gilchrist?

Our care navigators can direct you to the Gilchrist services that are right for you.